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Interpreting is an instant and accurate rendering of the spoken message, either simultaneously, when the message is rendered into the target language while the source-language speaker continuously speaks, or consecutively, when an interpreter speaks after the source-language speaker finished speaking, between one or more speakers of a different language.


Translation is a process of rendering a written message from one language into another one. The text to be translated is called a source text, while the language that text is translated is called a target language. A translator translates written messages from the source language into the target language.


Transcription is a process of representing verbatim or oral speech in a written form. A headset and a foot pedal are used to transcribe audio files. D-Lingua provides professional transcripts of police interviews, conferences, meetings, telephone interviews, one to one interviews, and more.

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About D-Lingua

D-Lingua is a trading name of the Lithuanian interpreter/translator. We’re a professional and experienced language provider aiming to meet your business and individual needs, offering the highest quality services 24/7 in Lithuanian, Russian, Polish and English. Our translators and interpreters assist you in breaking a language barrier when dealing with international business, legal affairs, and ethnic minorities in the UK.

With a network of other qualified linguists, D-Lingua is able to provide you with quick and accurate results for all your translation, transcription and interpreting needs.