Outstanding Translation Services for UK Clients

D-Lingua provides prompt, high-quality translations performed by qualified translators who are able to render the sense of the original message without distortions or omissions. Our team can provide fast delivery at short notice, with everything from academic translation to sworn work undertaken.

All translations are proofread to ensure the final product matches the source text. From this, we indicate any problem areas due to cultural, legal, or educational system differences.

Upon your request, D-Lingua legalises translations but you should ensure that you verify the type of legalisation is required for the translated document.

Certified Translations

Such translations are required for official use by non-governmental organisations (universities, employers, etc.). D-Lingua will stamp the document translated and will add a letter of certification confirming that the document has been translated by the qualified translator and it is an accurate and true translation of the original document.

Example of Translation Work

Translation Areas

  • Academic Diplomas and Certificates

  • Certificates | Birth, Death, Marriage, Divorce, etc.

  • Business | Contracts, Patents, etc.

  • Financial | Banking, Financial Products, etc.

  • Legal | Court Orders, Decisions, Requests, etc.

  • Market Research | Questionnaires, Verbatim, etc.

  • Medical | Report, Medical Equipment, etc.

  • Technical | Manuals, Instructions, etc.

  • Other Documents | Letters, Faxes, Leaflets, etc.

Sworn Translations

Such translations are the most common and usually required by courts. Upon completion of the translation, the translator attends the offices of the Public Notary or Solicitors and testifies in their presence that she has carried out the translation. A stamped declaration will be provided in both relevant languages.

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