Transcription Services You Can Trust

The team at D-Lingua provide high-quality, reliable transcriptions of audio and video recordings from many source materials. Transcription involves writing down what is said in the source language(s). We offer everything from CD transcription to work on tapes, MP3s, and police interviews, so get in touch with us now!.

How We Work

Typically, the transcript is produced as a Word™ file in the same language(s) as the source audio or video file or translated into the target language with both source languages being present in the final transcript. Throughout the transcription process, all documents and/or files are treated as highly confidential.

Source Material

Source Material

  • Audio Tapes

  • CDs

  • DVDs

  • MP3 Files

  • MPG Files

  • WAV Files

Transcription Areas

Transcription Areas

  • Police Interviews

  • Court Proceedings

  • Telephone Conversations

  • Meetings

  • Face-to-Face Interviews

  • Legal Appointments

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When it comes to CD transcription services, there are few better than our experts.

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