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As a company, we provide interpreting services in a wide range of specialist area. From legal interpreting for the courts, CPS, and police to public service and business services, D-Lingua has got it covered. Our services are available at a time to suit you, so get in touch now!

Areas We Cover

Simultaneous/ Whisper Interpreting

The interpreter relays the meaning of the original message in real-time by instantly whispering what is being spoken direct to the client in their own language. This type of interpreting is usually used in:

Simultaneous/ Whisper Interpreting

  • Conferences

  • Court Proceedings

  • Business Meetings

  • Grievance Proceedings

  • Formal Dinners

Consecutive Interpreting

The interpreter listens to a section of the speech and then either summarises or relays verbatim. This type of interpreting is usually used in:

Consecutive Interpreting

  • Police Interviews

  • Court Proceedings When Giving Evidence

  • One-to-One Meetings

  • Small Group Discussions

  • Legal Appointments

  • Medical Appointments

Telephone Interpreting

This service is provided by a human interpreter via telephone to different language speakers. It usually is a two- or three-way call. The advantages of this are:

Telephone Interpreting

  • Cost-Effective Solution for Emergency Situations

  • Short Appointments and Conversations

  • Flexible Working Hours and Location

  • Confidentiality and Impartiality

Role of the Interpreter

Role of the Interpreter

  • Render a Complete and Accurate Meaning of the Original Message

  • Maintain Confidentially of All Assignments

  • Remain Impartial and Behave Professionally

  • Adhere to the Code of Conduct and Ethical Guidelines at All Times

  • Professional Competence and Integrity

  • Punctuality

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